If This Is What It Means To Be "Woke," I'm Going Back To Sleep

One of the best comedy albums of the last several years is Roy Wood Jr.’s “No One Loves You.” It is probably not on the must-listen list of many readers here, given Wood’s attention to social causes and ideologies that many conservatives don’t agree with, but it is a fantastic and hilarious take on many of these issues that makes the stand-up worth listening to.


In particular, Wood offers a free idea to any entrepreneur who wants to make a million dollars (at least) very easily: Invest an app that tells us what we’re boycotting. Simply enter your beliefs and when you get too close to a place you’re supposed to be boycotting, the app will buzz you.

The concept is hilarious, though sadly extremely necessary. We find ourselves on a daily basis reading some article by someone with strong beliefs saying we need to take our business elsewhere because some company has violated our ethical codes in some way. For the Right, it’s been Starbucks, Target, and most recently Nike. For the Left, it’s Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A, and now… Macy’s?

Yep. Macy’s.

Apparently, Macy’s has decided to promote unhealthy beauty standards or some such thing because humor appears to be dying at a tragic rate.

I see the plates as funny. I am not someone who enjoys a skinny lifestyle, and I know several people who likewise would find the plates hilarious. But, apparently, the outrage sparked here was enough for Macy’s corporate office to take notice and decide to pull the plates.

I know eating disorders are a problem, and I know that many people do struggle with mental stress unreachable beauty standards can place on the mind. But… these are plates. They were meant as a joke. It is clear as day that they were meant as a joke, and anyone who has been fighting the battle against eating disorders and mental stress from beauty standards will in all likelihood just not buy the damn plates.


It has to be exhausting to be so woke that you must fight the existence of funny dinnerware. I struggle to keep up simply with the knowledge of what business is good or bad. To actually engage in fighting those companies on social media has to be strenuous.

In all honesty, I would rather be asleep than be this woke. I am starting to get the feeling that, outside of media and social media, many people have decided to stay asleep. There is a difference in being tolerant and understanding and being woke. The former is simply a matter of believing in basic human decency. The latter is forgoing basic human decency to one group entirely in order to prove you believe in basic human decency.

This is dumb, and we are all dumber for it.


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