Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest Will Still Not Get Trump or Clinton Arrested

FILE- In this July 30, 2008 file photo, Jeffrey Epstein is shown in custody in West Palm Beach, Fla. Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta is expected to face questions at his Senate confirmation hearing about an unusual plea deal he oversaw for Epstein, a Florida billionaire and sex offender, as U.S. attorney in Miami. (AP Photo/Palm Beach Post, Uma Sanghvi, File)/Palm Beach Post via AP)


Upon news that Jeffrey Epstein is, once again, headed to court over child sex trafficking charges, social media was all abuzz over what this meant for their preferred political boogeyman.

Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, among others, have ties to Epstein – a billionaire with a thing for massages from underage girls – and more than once, each side of the political aisle has pointed accusingly at the other, saying “Your guy is really gonna get it now!” though with way more exclamation points than I feel is appropriate.

Epstein’s last court fight ended in little more than a slap on the wrist, and it appears as though the new charges, which are set to be unsealed Monday, will look a lot like the old charges. Of course, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but the guy does have tons of similar accusations being leveled against him. Far more accusations than could be called a coincidence or a coordinated attack.

It is likely Epstein was up to his coin purse in illicit sexual encounters with young women, and it is likely that, him being a billionaire with some big name contacts, he palled aroud with a lot of big names – including Trump and Clinton. You can make the case that either of those two men must be brought down for their friendship with Epstein. However, don’t expect the legal system to take part in the hunt.


The big deal right now is that a scumbag pedophile is going back before the court to try and defend himself. Hopefully, the legal system has its act together this time and will get the scumbag removed from polite society for good. Epstein’s trial, however, is not the place for partisan point-making. Anyone who was party to Epstein’s crimes is fair game. If either Trump or Clinton was indeed involved, they should also be brought before a jury. If the prosecutors feel there is a case, they should make it.

But it is not about politics. It is about what is universally right and universally wrong. Trump and Clinton, both men with personal faults when it comes to women, likely are not going to be brought up in this trial. While we don’t know what evidence the prosecutors have, public knowledge – the tidbits made available via news outlets and public records – does not have enough to truly implicate either.

Most of you reading this will likely try to direct me to any number of stories mentioning Clinton being flown on Epstein’s private jet. Coincidence? Your mileage may vary. Actionable intelligence? Doubtful.

It’s highly unlikely that this trial is going to go beyond the scope of the charges here: Epstein trafficked young – too young – women for sexual purposes. He is a sleazy guy and he has been in some sleazy social circles. But the idea that this is going to become exactly what many of Robert Mueller’s critics said his investigation was – a much-too-broad political witch hunt that went well beyond the scope of the initial concerns of the FBI – seems pretty ridiculous.


Let us set politics aside here and pray that justice for these young women will be found and that a scumbag will finally receive the punishment he so richly deserves. You won’t find political satisfaction here, but not everything needs that. Just hope that justice is done.


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