CNN's "Analysts" Swing for the Fences, Strike Out Each Time

The number of people in the media losing their minds over what the Mueller Report says – or, rather, is not saying – continues to grow. CNN, a network that has been particularly all-in on the idea that Trump has to be guilty of something, is going wall-to-wall with its coverage of insinuations.


But, it’s not the personalities currently on the air that are doing the best analysis out there. It’s the people who are “analysts” for the network currently tweeting about the report. These folks, all of whom have a very inflated sense of self-worth, are firing away with some of their best material.

And it is falling very, very short.

Here’s noted New York Times reporter and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman, who has determined the song “Edelweiss” is actually pretty sinister.

The better question, Maggie, is… do you?

Then, there is “reformed” conservative Max Boot, a columnist for the Washington Post and also a CNN analyst. Max has alternative views of history and uses them to make very salient political points.

Ah, yes. The Mueller report’s findings of actual crimes being committed are exactly like the Nixon impeachment. Because neither actually happened.


And, let’s not forget CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST Jeffrey Toobin, who is very good at being not good at legal analysis. With takes like these, it is hard to see why anyone other than Toobin would be named a CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST.

Toobin is using the classic Elle Woods legal philosophy here. If you’ve ever seen the Reese Witherspoon movie Legally Blonde, then you know that “exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make people happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands.” Toobin expands this legal theory into a custom analysis of Trump’s behavior during the Mueller investigation.

The media’s reactions to the release of the report will continue to be the most entertaining part of the day.


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