Regarding The Legal Battle Between Devin Nunes and Devin Nunes' Mom

This multi-million dollar lawsuit that Nunes has filed in Virginia is just further proof the man is not to be taken seriously. He has decided, like many other insecure men and women in the public eye, that the best way to respond to critique is to sue them. The lawsuit is a half-assed attempt to scare the involved parties.


While I am not a lawyer, Gabriel Malor is, and he had some thoughts on the subject.


There’s more in that thread but those tweets are the highlights (Note: “SLAPP” as mentioned in the last tweet refers to “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” meaning they serve no other purpose than to intimidate).

I’m not entirely sure what Nunes expects out of this. The troll accounts – “Devin Nunes’ Mom” and “Devin Nunes’ Cow” – are obviously just that. Only someone hypersensitive to criticism would find them distressing enough to file a lawsuit and claim damages.

Most of the time, accounts that are built solely to troll are ignored or blocked by the person being trolled. You don’t file a lawsuit, or raise awareness about their presence, because you don’t want them getting more attention than they deserve.

As for Liz Mair, the only non-anonymous target besides Twitter here, there are probably dozens of politicians who could have filed a similar lawsuit at any time in order to try to shut her up. She definitely won’t shut up, and a whole host of Nunes’ critics will come to her aid as a result of this. Nunes is just hurting himself here.


And that’s not just because he’s bringing attention to the people that were mocking him, but because he is making himself look like the exact type of person all of his critics, including those being sued, said he was: a child and a hack, all bark and overly-sensitive to what others say about him.

This is just a dumb lawsuit, but it’s a scary one in that there are undoubtedly going to be people who would like to cheer him on, completely ignorant of the fact that baseless lawsuits meant to intimidate private citizens are exactly the type of thing conservatives should be against.

Should be. But we are now firmly wedged into the era of cults of personality. There is no time for principled ideology when you have a politician to defend.


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