Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against Due Process and Guns in CNN Townhall

During her CNN townhall event last night, Elizabeth Warren went heavy on the policy, trying to make the case that she has the ideas to compete against the other Democratic candidates and Donald Trump in the national arena.


One of the more interesting ideas put forward by Warren is the idea that due process doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore, given that she is fine revoking the gun rights of anyone put on a terror watchlist.

These words sound pretty and nice and such at face value, but the terror watchlists are not lists that you end up on after being convicted of a crime. If the government suspects you are a danger, you don’t get to travel on certain federally-regulated transportation. That’s it.

In other words, if the government suspects you are a danger, you aren’t allowed to own a gun.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is something that can and will be overly utilized by any government under Warren or any other Democrat’s watch. In fact, the mere fact that you own multiple guns could qualify you in their eyes for a terror watchlist. Consider too that multiple “false positives” on ID’s have led people who weren’t on the lists to be barred from a flight because their name matched someone who was.


In fact, when Democrats aren’t claiming these lists are unfair to certain minority groups, they are trying to get “No Fly, No Buy” passed as an actual law in this country, thereby enacting gun control without calling it that. But that is most certainly what it is.

It flies in the face of our right to own firearms and our right to due process, but Warren doesn’t care. You should, though.


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