BREAKING: Virginia AG Admits to Wearing Blackface in College

I am not quite sure how you get two blackface scandals in one week, but 2019 is definitely a very strange year and we’re only a month in.

There had been rumors swirling for the last day or so that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (a Democrat) may also have a photo scandal brewing, and it came to a head this morning. First, this tweet:


Herring then released a statement, admitting to the incident.

That makes two prominent Virginia Democrats who have had a blackface scandal in the span of a week. The first was Ralph Northam, who first admitted to knowing about the picture of him(?) in blackface in his yearbook to then denying it was him in the photo.

Oh, yeah. Herring called on Northam to resign after that.


Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax does not seem to be handling the accusations of sexual assault against him well at all (LANGUAGE WARNING):

And to top all this off, the next in line for succession if Northam resigns and Fairfax and Herring can’t replace him? The Republican Speaker of the House.

Perhaps we should just cancel the Virginia Democratic Party until they can get their @#$% together.


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