Evidence Promised to Clear Kavanaugh Turns Into a Libelous Accusation of Someone Else

Ed Whelan, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center, teased earlier today having evidence that would totally clear Brett Kavanaugh of the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who claims the prospective justice sexually assaulted her.


Whelan, early in the evening, released his evidence, which, when finally laid bare, turned out to be an insane theory that someone else may have committed the assault.

And then he named that someone.

I won’t be linking the thread, nor will I name who he named. It would be just as irresponsible as Whelan was in posting his thread. His evidence was a series of maps triangulating where people lived in relation to the incident, floor plans of homes, and, finally, naming someone whose house the party could have been at and who bears a resemblance to Kavanaugh.

The thread is nothing short of horrifying, because there is no justification for baselessly accusing someone else of sexual assault in order to defend your guy from accusations of sexual assault, especially when that someone is a private citizen who has nothing to do with the Kavanaugh nomination.

If Whelan doesn’t have a signed confession, then he has just opened himself up to a possible libel suit.


While he doesn’t explicitly say that the other person may have committed the assault Blasey is remembering, the thread is structured in such a way that suggests she mis-remembered Kavanaugh instead of this guy, and that the two looked alike in high school (going so far as posting their yearbook pictures). The whole thing is utterly insane.

There is a right way and a wrong way to address this whole drama. Most do so by pointing out inconsistencies in statements, Feinstein’s shameful handling of the allegations, and other Democratic shenanigans. So far, Whelen is the only one who thought that accusing someone else of the crime was the way to go.

Clearly, it was not the right way to go.


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