Archaeological Dig in Egypt May Have Revealed the Key To Ending Trump's Reign

An archaeological dig in Egypt has unearthed a potential key to eliminating the Trump threat once and for all.

While most in the archaeological community say they have no idea what is resting inside the large, black sarcophagus found in Alexandria, Egypt recently, the site itself dates back to the Ptolemaic period (305-30 BC). More importantly, however, it is worth noting that the Egyptians believed in magic and curses and it could very well be that something of that sort rests here.


That’s particularly rare for a site like this – ancient Egyptian tombs have often been plundered and damaged over the centuries, which means archaeologists rarely find a final resting place that’s still intact like this one appears to be.

The site as a whole dates back to the Ptolemaic period between 305 BCE and 30 BCE, with this particular find uncovered five metres (16.4 feet) below the ground.

Originally found while clearing the site for a new building, the tomb is now under guard while experts can work out what exactly lies inside the black sarcophagus. It could almost be the start of a new Indiana Jones film.

Naturally, the question everyone seems to be asking is whether or not to open it. For Democrats, it may prove to be their last chance to finally get rid of Donald Trump, via a curse or ancient spell meant to doom the current U.S. President.

The President’s opposition has certainly been worried over the state of the country after the President doomed millions to death through tax cuts, rollback of Net Neutrality rules, and nominating another conservative to the Supreme Court. With polling trends showing a shrinking advantage for Democrats come November, many among their base could see an ancient Egyptian curse as a means of finally stopping him.


While there are no markings indicating who the sarcophagus belongs to, if it dates back to the Ptolemies and was found in Alexandria, it is possible that it belongs to one of Cleopatra’s lovers, Marc Antony. A Roman politician and general, Antony was a supporter of Julius Ceasar and fell victim to Cleopatra’s charm, much as Trump has allegedly done with multiple women throughout his lifetime. Both men were also accused of treason after seizing power.

It is unclear if the Democrats will choose to unleash cursed plagues upon the world using this archaeological discovery, but if they wish to take advantage of the find to rid themselves of a political opponent like Trump, they are fast running out of time.


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