Why Is Jeff Sessions Still the Attorney General?

FILE – In this March 6, 2017 file photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions waits to make a statement at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office in Washington. Sessions is seeking the resignations of 46 United States attorneys who were appointed during the prior presidential administration, the Justice Department said Friday, March 10, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Leak after leak after anonymous comment to the media, all we hear about is “Trump doesn’t like this person” or “Trump wants to fire that person.” We’ve gotten comments on a lot of different members of the administration, including Jeff Sessions.

But, the talk about Trump being unhappy with Sessions has died down significantly in recent months. That’s… odd, considering Sessions is far and away the most useless Cabinet member Trump has.

On February 8, 2018, I wrote a piece called “President Trump, Fire Jeff Sessions And Start Over.” While I don’t actually expect the President to call me up and say “Joe, I’m intrigued. Tell me more,” I do believe that there has to be someone – anyone – in this administration who sees what is so obvious here.

Here’s what I wrote then.

He has done nothing to reform the DOJ, letting these agencies do as they please. There has been no show of leadership, other than a recusal from the central investigation into Trump’s transition (a fair recusal, as he was a key adviser to Trump leading up to his election and transition).

He has remained singularly focused on marijuana laws, almost as though he believes that eliminating it would solve all of our problems. Nevermind the myriad other reforms that can and should be taken to change the way the DOJ is perceived and how they do their job. This focus remains at the expense of solving other, more real problems.

Most importantly, however, Sessions has remained quiet and on the sideline during this entire memo fiasco.


And I stand by this, especially now that we know James Comey was the leak. He has admitted to it (though he denies he admitted to that, the fact is… he did). There is no reason at this point that Andrew McCabe and James Comey shouldn’t be investigated for leaking sensitive information. Even I, a Trump skeptic, believe this is ridiculous.

And, this is all happening under the watch of Jeff Sessions. He has done nothing to secure his department and has focused on literally anything but the problems with the Department of Justice.

Cracking down on marijuana laws? Are you kidding? Given the absolute shambles your department is in, the utter lack of confidence the American people have in the justice system at all, you want to incarcerate more people? That isn’t just whistling past the graveyard. That’s a total detachment from reality.

America cannot exist without a healthy respect for the rule of law, and if the top law enforcement agencies in the country can’t be trusted, then we’re in a really bad way.

Jeff Sessions should not have this job. He should be fired and the way made for someone who is capable of leading the department.



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