Noted Brave Journalist Jim Acosta Is Upset People Are Paying Attention to Journalists Instead of Trump

Jim Acosta got a little upset yesterday. Apparently, he believes that people are paying too much attention to the White House Correspondents Association Dinner and not enough attention to what Donald Trump was saying at a rally at the same time.


Here’s Acosta’s really upset tweet.

You could be upset that the President claims this, and you could be upset that many people are talking about Michelle Wolf’s monologue instead of Donald Trump’s. However, you should not be the one to point it out if your name is Jim Acosta.

See, the problem here is definitely the messenger. Jim Acosta has spent nearly the entire Trump Administration so far inserting himself into stories, promoting the adversarial relationship between the media (particularly CNN) and Trump.

In fact, he appeared in an absolutely glowing profile of Very Brave Journalists who are really upset that they are being forced to quadruple check their work for errors lest they be called “fake news.”


Poor dears.

Acosta has spent the last year and a half making himself the star of the White House’s more controversial press conferences and media stories. He is, whether under orders or in an effort to promote himself, exactly why people would be paying attention to journalists instead of Trump.

I feel no pity here because he has brought this on himself and his fellow journalists. It is the fault of D.C. reporters who feel themselves to be the arbiters of Truth and Justice in government (for the first time since 2008) for getting all this negative attention from Wolf’s speech and while Trump’s speech doesn’t get as much coverage.

So, sorry Jim, but this one’s on you, buddy.


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