Donald Trump Is Ahead (for Once), So Why Is He Intent on Messing It Up?

From a book no one will really read to a series of memos that don’t really do much of anything, James Comey appears to have worn out his welcome. Republicans don’t like him because he is leading a PR campaign against Donald Trump, and Democrats aren’t quite ready to forgive him for re-opening the Clinton investigation so late in the 2016 campaign.


For Trump, this should be a moment that he can celebrate a victory – one of his enemies is basically taking himself out by doubling down and going on a disastrous media tour. However, letting Comey take himself out is just not Trump’s style. He has to get the last word in, even when the conversation is so very clearly over.

This, from Saturday, is not only a dubious claim but an unnecessary one. There was no real reason for Trump to even go there. But, he couldn’t stop. Here he is on Sunday.

Why on earth are you still on this, Mr. President? You are extending Comey’s news cycle by merely commenting on him.

Sure, I mean Trump’s logic isn’t that hard to figure out: He needs… no, he craves an adversary. There are two types of people in Trump World, after all, and those are people who agree with Trump and people he can set up as an opponent to trash as much as possible just to get a rise out of his fans.


That’s not saying Comey isn’t a real adversary – he’s made it abundantly clear that he does not like Trump and his words and actions of late betray the already obvious politicization of his former job. Still, that doesn’t mean that Trump even has to acknowledge Comey. It’s very clear his star is falling at a rapid pace. He’ll be a footnote in history before much longer.

That is, of course, if Trump stops tweeting about him.

Trump has this obsession with constantly tweeting about things that anyone who isn’t slavishly devoted to Twitter or political gossip probably doesn’t care about in the grand scheme of things.

It isn’t just Comey. He does this all the time. Take this tweet for example.

I had no idea about this story. I’ve been away from my computer all weekend. I find the idea of calling Jeff Sessions “Mr. Magoo” hilarious, and I am sad I missed it. But, the real world happens and on the weekends, many ordinary Americans are working, spending time with family, resting, and other non-political things. How many people actually read the Washington Post story?


Not nearly enough to warrant a response from the President of the United States, that’s for certain. But still, he goes out and comments on it. He can’t stop himself.

And when it comes down to issues like Comey, all Trump does is breathe new life into the subject when it should have died already. Every denial or response from Trump is just one more flood of “WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?!” reactions from the #Resistance waiting to happen.

Just stop it, Mr. President.


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