Conservatives Should Be Cautiously Optimistic About Chuck Schumer's Marijuana Bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been a vocal opponent of Republicans, Republican ideas, and Donald Trump in particular. Despite usually being on the Other Side, however, he has today introduced a bill that conservatives should be (perhaps cautiously) optimistic about.


The Democratic leader in the Senate is also using some strangely conservative talk to promote the bill.

Schumer has filed a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, which means it would be up to states to set up their own laws and regulations. While many will consider it a step toward legalization, that doesn’t necessarily mean full legalization is coming.

However, proponents of criminal justice reform can and should celebrate the bill as it would mean a good chance to reform the prison system and get those convicted of simple possession a better chance to get out and stay out for such crimes. Schumer’s tweet thread continued on this track.


While it’s okay to be wary of any movement who attempts to legalize right away, Schumer’s bill is a potentially great first step in helping the cause of criminal justice reform and reducing the federal government’s role in superseding state’s authority in such matters.

Stay cautiously optimistic about this bill, while recognizing that if they can, Congress will screw this up.


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