Ambitious Ben Sasse Takes Down Donald Trump, Omnibus Bill, and Joe Biden at the Same Time

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is nothing if not an outspoken critic of The Way Things Are as well as Donald Trump’s Highly Questionable Behavior. He does not shy away from taking them on via social media, whether separately or, in this case, together.


Sasse responded to one of Trump’s signature tweets this morning with a biting commentary of where Washington is right now…

…and he is absolutely correct. Except maybe about the fist fighting. I’m not sure Donald Trump’s tiny hands are capable of enough damage to call it a true fight.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier this morning with Heritage’s tweet thread, Congress is breaking basically all of its promises with this bill, and there are plenty of conservatives, like Sasse, who see that. The problem is that we don’t have enough Sasses in Congress. We have ONE (1) and that is sadly not enough to really get much good work done.


And while all this is going on, Trump is going on Twitter and insulting political opponents because, yet again, he doesn’t know how to not be in campaign mode. For him, it’s about the fighting that people liked when he was a candidate. Keep that up, and they stay on your side, he believes.

To be fair, though, Biden did start this fight. Still, Trump is the President. The people he represents – the base that voted him into office – by and large, have ranted and raved against this type of spending for years. Trump should be speaking out against the bill, and keeping his promise to drain the swamp.


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