BREAKING: Trump Tweets Celebration of McCabe Firing

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the firing of Andrew McCabe shortly after midnight – and mere hours after the event – in a tweet that could only be constructed as spiking the ball.


It is probably not the best look for the President, who has drawn controversy in the past over his prolific and rarely-moderated use of the social media network to get his thoughts straight to his fans (and haters!).

McCabe’s firing came two days before he could officially retire with his full pension – a pension he would receive after over twenty years of public service. Still, it seems it was his behavior under former FBI Director James Comey (including leaking information to the press) that scored him the recommendation from the Office of Professional Responsibility.

Trump seems to be thrilled that one of his most noteworthy targets of public ridicule has been given the official boot by Jeff Sessions.



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