Friendly Reminder, Democrats: You Lost to These Guys

Sam Nunberg’s phenomenal meltdown on national television and on every outlet possible outlet yesterday had to be part of a larger fever dream for Democrats, many of whom had to do a tiny little happy dance when Nunberg suggested that Trump probably did engage in some sort of hijinks during the elections.


However, given the possibility that he was drunk during at least some of his interviews and the fact that he came across as absolutely bat-guano loco during his seven-hour breakdown, it is incumbent upon me as a Trump-skeptical conservative to remind the Democrats of one little detail: You lost a presidential election against a team made up of that.

Team Trump, from start to finish, was made up of some characters more dysfunctional than the characters from Friends if the writers spent the weekend on meth. Nunberg was just one of them.  If he wasn’t having a psychotic breakdown yesterday, he was angling for a spotlight and a book deal – and neither of those possibilities is out of line with the type of people Trump has hired in the past for political purposes.

But, Trump’s opponent in 2016 was Hillary Clinton, the very definition of a shoe-in candidate. The road was paved for her by her party, and everyone just knew she was going to beat the buffoon in the general election. Especially when you had lunatics, shady characters, and unscrupulous business practices in your employ and a revitalized white nationalist movement behind you.


And then she lost. It was, without a doubt, the largest political upset in history. Many Democrats have soiled themselves on a daily basis since the election, hanging on to conspiracy theories in an effort to explain how the ~Perfect Candidate~ managed to lose.

So, if any Democrats are rejoicing over Nunberg’s meltdown, take a moment and remind them: You lost to this. This is on you. You allowed all of this to happen by picking a political has-been that no one really wanted. Your party, in its infinite wisdom, tried to Make Hillary Clinton Great Again.

So, laugh away. It’s better than being seen ugly-crying over the fact that you lost to a team of Nunbergs.


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