"Morning Joe" Kicks Michael Wolff off the Show Over Nikki Haley Rumors

It’s gotta be said: Go, Mika.

Michael Wolff, the author of the poorly-written and hardly-truthful Fire and Fury, was on the show this morning, and the primary topic of conversation was centered on the rumors Wolff keeps fueling about Nikki Haley sleeping her way to the top.


Haley, who is rightfully outraged at the rumors, has denied them, and Wolff sputtered about how he never actually accused Haley of anything. That’s when it got good.

Mika kicked him off. When the show returned, his seat was empty.

Wolff is a gossip-monger, and he has made his living off spreading these rumors and calling it writing. His utter stupidity is righteously smacked down by Mika, who is totally in the right here.

Meanwhile, showing his usual grace and class, Wolff took to Twitter to gripe about being kicked off the show.


But THIS right here is the money tweet.

Wolff is… very Trumpian here, no? He has no problems attacking women who insult his integrity. It’s really pathetic. I hope the rest of the media follows suit and stops giving airtime to this clown.


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