WATCH: Trump Takes a Jab at Gloria Allred Over Moore Accuser's Yearbook Notes

In an effort to defend and fully endorse Roy Moore in his bid for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, Donald Trump used one of the top (and controversial) stories of the day to discredit a Moore accuser and her lawyer, Gloria Allred.


The story from earlier today was that the accuser had made notes in the original yearbook, adding the date by the signing – an admission that she lied when she originally said it was part of the original signing of the book.

The problem? Fox News ran that story with a headline claiming she “forged” the signature, which is a total misrepresentation of the story.

Here’s video of Trump’s response.

Let’s be honest, here: Gloria Allred being involved does muddy the waters. On the other hand, Trump is borderline attacking the victim. Basically, both sides are going to draw different conclusions from this video, as the Good Lord intended when he created the two-party system.

Trump used the opportunity, as mentioned earlier, to endorse Roy Moore publicly at the Pensacola rally. And as RightScoop adds, this rally, which was totally not a Roy Moore rally, was totally a Roy Moore rally.


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