Ultimate Absolute Must-Have Guide for Dealing With Political Disagreements at Thanksgiving

For weeks now, you’ve been coming across headlines about dealing with Trump supporters or Hillary supporters or Obamacare defenders or whatever at Thanksgiving (there are surprisingly few pieces on dealing with Libertarian family members, but then again you tend to ignore the fedora-wearing cousin mumbling about legalizing weed and asking anyone who approaches them if they are being detained).


However, these pieces are all poorly written lists of tired old talking points, each more senseless than the last.

We here at RedState will inevitably deal with family members on both sides – one side, the Trump supporters, will accuse us of being Bill Kristol acolytes who are forever subservient to Mitch McConnell, while the other side, the liberal side, will ask why we hate black people, Mexicans, Muslims, women, and the poor.

We have had to do some toughening up in the last year or so as Trump has firmly established himself on the Throne of America. But we have also learned from our trials, and we have come up with the Ultimate Absolute Must-Have Guide For Dealing With Political Disagreements At Thanksgiving.

  1. Remain calm as your family member lists their talking points to you.
  2. Pour another glass of wine.

That’s all you need.

Guys, in all seriousness, there’s no reason to do this to yourselves. Thanksgiving is a time for family. It is a time to come together and give thanks for what you have and to be grateful you have people to share your thanks with. Will there be political discussions? Sure. But is there any reason to do prep work or come with a folded list of retorts? No. If it happens, let it happen. If it doesn’t, count your blessings and get your second helping of sweet potato casserole.


It’s Thanksgiving. It’s not a filibuster. There’s no need to keep political debate heated and ongoing. It’s like Monopoly with family, except there is no passing Go and there is no $200. There’s just irritation.


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