Oh, Please. Suddenly Democrats Care About Increasing Our Debt?


Much in the same vein as I dismiss liberals who are only now saying Bill Clinton should not have remained in office, I am utterly and completely dismissive of any liberal who opines about how much the House tax reform plan increases the national debt.


Look, the House plan has ended up far from perfect, and I say that as one of the many who has eagerly pushed for the Republicans to push for reforms. They have certainly dropped the ball in terms of effective tax reform, and what they are doing isn’t lowering taxes, but shifting them around.

However, if you were a Democrat who completely ignored Barack Obama’s spending habits and the uncontrolled spending bills of the Democratic Party over his 8-year reign, you don’t really have much room to talk about how much debt we’re going to go into.

The national debt increased by more than $9 trillion under Barack Obama. During most of that time, Democrats were in control of at least one chamber of Congress, and even after the Republicans took control, there was no veto-proof majority. That means that legislation effectively stalled, and nothing of any major significance was passed during that time.

There was no initiative to decrease deficit spending, rein in what superfluous expenditures the federal government was paying for, or incentivize people to spend more money in order to increase tax revenue. Instead, they kept doing what George Bush started before them and spent like there was no tomorrow.


It’s as though they truly believed that you can spend your way out of debt.

So, to trot out right now and cry about the Republicans raising the national debt? That’s hypocrisy. At the very fairest, you can say that both sides love to increase the debt and that the negotiating point is over what they spend it on.

But, to be more accurate, no one increased the deficit like Obama did. Every Democratic politician and every liberal activist who is pointing at the increase in the national debt as a reason to not support the tax reform effort is being dishonest at best.

So, yeah. The tax reform bill in the House sucks. There are good reasons to oppose it. But, at the end of the day, if you supported Barack Obama’s spending habits, you don’t really have any room at all to call someone out on theirs.



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