BREAKING: Al Franken Offers Less Than Mediocre Response to Kissing/Groping Accusation


Al Franken has given a response to the accusation that he kissed model and sportscaster Leeann Tweeden against her will. However, it is not one that really seems to express true concern on the matter.


That’s… not a response. That’s a shrug. He shrugged using words. You can visibly see the shrug he gave as he originally heard Tweeden’s story.

That’s a horrifying reaction to the accusations Tweeden made against him, but it’s clear that Franken doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did.

“It was supposed to be funny” and “I shouldn’t have done it”? That’s not at all how you address that issue. “I don’t remember it that way” is a phrase that I am shocked wasn’t followed by the “but whatever. My bad.” it so clearly implies.

He’s going to have to do better.


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