After a Church Shooting in Texas, Chelsea Handler Tweets Unhinged, Offensive Comments

Chelsea Handler has done an impressive job of covering herself in everything but glory after the election of Donald Trump, but few comments of hers are as incredibly offensive and dangerously unhinged as the comments she posted to Twitter following a shooting at a church in Texas.


Handler used the opportunity mere minutes after the story — which saw dozens dead and dozens more injured — broke to blame a political enemy for the shooting.

There are scant few details out right now about who the shooter is, the reason that shooter went into a church and opened fire, etc., but apparently, the fact that it happened is enough for Handler to go out and blame an entire political party for it.

What does it say about Handler that the president she apparently loathes with all of her being had a more measured response on Twitter than she did?

It does no one any good to say what they should and should not comment on, or how long they should wait to comment on a story, or what takes are too hot or stupid to have. But, there should be a sense of decency, that when a community and a nation are grieving, and when families have just been torn apart in an act of horrific violence, you express condolences first. Then you can be an ass about it on Twitter.


It is in trying times that we are supposed to come together, not divide ourselves further. Handler is just one of many reasons that we can’t have that moment anymore. Everything must be politicized as soon as possible.


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