BREAKING: Paul Manafort Pleads NOT Guilty On Federal Charges

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were both taken into custody today, each on twelve very serious counts. But, now the pair have entered their pleas, and they both claim they are not guilty of any wrongdoing.


Authorities on Monday morning unsealed an indictment against Manafort and fellow campaign official Rick Gates that charged the men with money laundering, making false statements and other counts. The two men pleaded not guilty in federal court on Monday afternoon.

While both Manafort and Gates had top roles in the Trump campaign, the criminal charges do not discuss any actions clearly related to the presidential race, although the indictment notes that a Ukrainian political party the men worked for had a pro-Russia outlook.

Of course, this is the beginning of what will likely be a long process of trying to get both men to turn on each other or against others who may have been involved. Despite what the White House may wish, this investigation may still be going on for a while.


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