Trump Tweets: Yesterday's Senate Lunch A "Love Fest"

Donald Trump feels certain that everyone in the Senate is on board with his agenda, and with him as President. Whether it’s actually true or not, it’s definitely what he’s pushing out on Twitter.


Mitch McConnell did come out and say that folks were on board with Trump’s tax agenda. Then again, McConnell also said on Sunday that if Trump would just tell the Senate what he wants in a healthcare reform package, the Senate will pass it… so, I’m not sure McConnell actually knows what’s going on in his own chamber anymore.

Anyway, I find it difficult to believe that the Senate’s atmosphere could accurately be called a “love fest.” You still have Ben Sasse and John McCain, both of whom are outspoken critics of Trump. You have Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Lindsey Graham, who don’t shy away from disagreeing with Trump when they find it necessary.


And, you have McConnell himself, who Trump has gone after repeatedly for not getting his house in order. I feel certain that McConnell is trying to ride Trump’s presidency out, because he does not want to really get too tied to his legislative agenda.

If Trump wants to call Senate supporting a Republican idea a “love fest,” then okay. Great. Go for those optics. But if he thinks everyone is on board with him, I think he needs to reconsider.


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