Feel Good Moment: Paul Ryan Embraces Steve Scalise on His Return to Congress


Amid all the negativity surrounding just about everything, we have got to find the good in people and events even in the political world. If we don’t, we will lose our minds.


So, with that, I would like for you guys to see what I believe is one of the most emotional moments ever caught on camera in Congress.


Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot when a madman approached a baseball field filled with Republicans and opened fire. He has been struggling through surgeries and post-op infections just to make his way back to the halls of Congress.

As part of the GOP’s leadership team in the House, it should be obvious that Ryan and Scalise are close. They have worked together for years. But, in this one, single moment, everything political, everything about work, is set aside as you watch a man moved to tears upon seeing his friend return after being so near death.

As you watch all of the bad things that are done and said happen in the political world, stop and think back to this moment. It puts a whole lot in perspective for you.


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