Here's How We Know Graham-Cassidy Would Lower Costs

Obamacare Hurts

In politics, we are forever looking for the “tell” – that magical signal that lets us know exactly what’s about to happen next.

In the case of Graham-Cassidy, a lot of conservatives are primarily concerned with how we can lower the costs of health insurance and health care the Affordable Care Act over-regulated (so much so that co-pays and prescriptions soared in price). Ideally, it’s not something we’re asking the government to do directly – after all, manipulating costs and controlling markets is exactly how we got here – but actions Congress and the President can take will affect those prices.


At this point, pretty much the entire health insurance industry has come out against Graham-Cassidy. You would think the experts on providing access to health care would have your best interests at heart. But, alas, this is likely not the case.

This is the sign that the consumer stands to benefit from Graham-Cassidy or any similar plan: The Insurance Companies lose a ton of money in the event that we hit them where it hurts – the subsidies.

So, obviously, they’ve run the numbers. Block granting money to the states, and letting the states set up their own systems reduces the spending on the federal government’s side, and not all states will be doing what the federal government did with Obamacare.

When you see an insurance company lobbying against Graham-Cassidy, chances are that insurance company is about to lose millions in guaranteed income through some heavy deregulation and elimination of subsidies. As a result, these companies will have to actually fight for customers again. This will mean lower prices, better coverage, etc. for those who choose to purchase insurance (which, given their reaction, means a lot more of you could purchase it if you want).


But, we have to make sure we’re doing this honestly. Republicans can’t give in to the temptation of trying to control an industry, nor can they sit idly by while this last, good chance to make reform is possible. The savings for customers will be good, and the chance to undo a chunk of Obamacare will have long-lasting effects.

There is still time, Republicans. Maybe we can make something good happen.


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