Trump Is Right to Blast James Comey on Twitter This Morning

James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey (above) was called out on Twitter this morning by President Donald Trump, who took issue with Comey’s decision to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton long before it was appropriate to make that decision.

President Donald Trump was on Twitter early this morning to take aim at James Comey and a “rigged system” following yesterday’s revelations that the former FBI director had decided not to recommend indictment long before Hillary Clinton was actually interviewed by the FBI.

While normally this is the part where I would be critical of the President for airing his grievances on Twitter (again)… this time, it’s pretty warranted.

We at RedState covered the Hillary server issue fairly extensively. Just looking at the stories under our email tag shows a plethora of coverage surrounding Clinton. But, the fact is this: Hillary Clinton broke laws in setting up and using a private server to conduct government business.

The FBI did the legwork necessary to discover laws were broken. There is no reason that she shouldn’t have received some sort of punishment, no matter how her interview went. The information was public enough. I’m not the type of guy who really ever wanted to discuss the damn server again (unless, of course, Hillary tries to run for office again) (please god someone stop her if she does), but yesterday’s revelations are vital to understanding just how political Comey’s job performance was.


It is pretty clear now, more than ever, that Comey’s decision was entirely based on political impact, rather than any sense of actual justice. The idea that Clinton would have received prison time is silly. It would have been very difficult to nail her on everything she had done, and she likely would have received a plea deal or even been found innocent in court.

But there has to be some idea among the American public that justice can and will be pursued even among our elite class. That justice was robbed the moment that Comey, well before it was appropriate to do so, decided not to recommend charges against the Democratic candidate.

Her candidacy or eventual presidency be damned, it wasn’t Comey’s place to determine that politics or an election were more important than pursuing justice. The President is right to have fired Comey, and he is certainly right to call him out on the injustice that was done.

The President, in this case, is right: The system was rigged.


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