BREAKING: Hope Hicks Named New Communications Director

The Trump Administration has selected its next communications director – Hope Hicks.


Hicks worked for the Trump Organization before the president entered the 2016 Republican primary, and she served as a spokesperson during the presidential campaign.

Scaramucci, a former hedge fund manager, was pushed out on July 31, the same day then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly took over as White House chief of staff.

During his short time working in the West Wing, Scaramucci forcefully vowed to go after White House leakers and engaged in a profanity-fueled rant against fellow Trump aides over the phone with a New Yorker reporter.

Hicks came to Trump’s presidential bid as a political outsider and has kept a relatively low-profile, despite being with Trump since he first announced his candidacy. Unlike other White House advisers, Hicks has not appeared on cable news shows to represent the administration.

The successor to Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted an incredible negative sixteen days, Hicks has the difficult task of trying to keep messages straight.

The pool reports say that Hicks is currently “interim” communications director, but that could become permanent if there is little interest in one of the most chaotic jobs in this administration.


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