Occupy Oakland and Antifa Shut Down Highway In "Emergency Solidarity" With Charlottesville

Overnight protests in Oakland shut down roads and highways as Occupy and Antifa activists took to the streets “in solidarity” with Charlottesville, Virginia.

In some form or fashion, the following photos are supposed to indicate that this was in support of those injured or killed during the Unite The Right rally.

Apparently, this was in “emergency solidarity” with the chaos and violence in Charlottesville, even though large crowds showed up with hand-made signs. That indicates that organization of this protest probably began round the time Unite The Right announced its rally (middle of last week).

I don’t believe for a moment that this was spontaneous solidarity. It was just opportunism and a chance to get some of the media spotlight that Nazis were going to be getting. The problem is that everyone cared about the Nazis and it seems that, right now, no one cares about Antifa or the remnants of Occupy.


(h/t Right Scoop)

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