Dana Loesch Gets A Big Apology Over NRA Ad

Last week, a major blowup occurred when Dana Loesch, who had appeared in a viral ad for NRA TV, was accused of threatening to “fist” the New York Times.


Except the word she used was “fisk” – as in, hold the Times accountable in its reporting.

One of the journalists who misheard Loesch, Yashar Ali, called her out on it. What happened afterward was a major swarm of liberals’ tweets using every epithet under the sun to describe Loesch.

Ali says that was not the reaction he was hoping for, and apologized for his part in initiating the storm.


His subsequent tweets on the issue are a mix of insistence that he didn’t lie about hearing “fist” instead of “fisk” (on that count, I do in fact believe him), and re-iterating that he did not intend to cause that viral storm for Loesch (another count I believe him on).

And it is good to see there was an apology. It was big of Ali to do.


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