Heritage Turns To Outspoken Trump Critic to Lead It, And He Says "No"

The Heritage Foundation has been looking for someone to take the reins ever since the ouster of Jim DeMint earlier this year. According to Politico, it appears they found someone they like… but that conservative Senator did not want the job at all.


[Ben] Sasse, who was elected to his first term in the Senate in 2014, has swatted down the overtures from Heritage’s board of directors, according to two sources familiar with the recruitment effort. The Nebraska senator rose to national prominence when he announced early in the primary calendar that he would support neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, and he has been a persistent critic of Trump ever since.

The entreaties are one sign that Heritage may be looking to change course after the May ouster of its former president, Jim DeMint. In the Senate, DeMint was a leading antagonist of establishment Republicans, and at Heritage he suffered from the perception that the organization was becoming too political — and too reflexively pro-Trump — as its focus on scholarship fell by the wayside.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Ben Sasse and think he’d do well leading the Heritage Foundation. However, I also know that Sasse likes to spend as much time at home as possible – even going so far as to be an Uber driver on the weekends back home. He is not a creature of Washington D.C. and does not appear to want to be.


I am also very much against the idea of losing any good, stalwart conservatives in the Senate at a time when the Republican Party is struggling to keep its conservative promises.

I like Heritage and hope they find new leadership, but I am not ready to see Ben Sasse leave the Senate. He’s very good right where he is.


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