Nighttime Trump vs. Daytime Trump: Healthcare Edition

Last night, we reported on Donald Trump’s call for straight repeal of Obamacare now, and replacement later. It’s a strategy that the GOP as a whole is now adopting as Mitch McConnell announced that clean repeal would be up for a floor vote soon.


All of this went out overnight in the RedState Morning Briefing (which you can sign up for here, by the way).

However, mere hours after he tweeted the call for repeal now/replace later, and by the time the Morning Briefing got to everyone’s inbox, the president seemed to switch positions by advocating something else entirely.

For people looking to this president for guidance, this can be a bit confusing. Does President Trump want Congress to repeal Obamacare now, or does he want Obamacare to continue to collapse on itself?

This is one of the more aggravating aspects of looking to the president for any sort of guidance: he is bound to switch his point of views more than once, and sometimes within a day. It makes coming up with a clear agenda difficult.

So, which is it? Repeal now or let it die? You can’t have both.


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