BREAKING: Donald Trump Tweets Call For Clean Repeal

President Donald Trump took to Twitter this evening to call for a clean repeal of Obamacare, following the collapse of the Senate’s health care bill.


The call for an immediate and full repeal comes after the president helped advocate for both the House and Senate health care reform bills.

Trump’s tweet went up soon after Mike Lee and Jerry Moran, two Republican Senators, came out against the Senate’s Better Care Act, effectively killing it. The bill could afford no more opposition after Rand Paul, who has also been calling for full repeal, and Susan Collins declared last week they would not vote for it.

The GOP leadership in Congress has not commented on the future of health care reform efforts since Lee’s and Moran’s announcement.

Democrats, however, are expected to oppose repeal efforts, despite Trump’s claim that they will join in any discussions to start from a clean slate.


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