Media Coverage of Palestinian Terror Attack Shows Whose Side They're On

Early this morning, a terror attack at the Temple Mount, a holy site in Judaism, ended in a shootout between Israeli police and two Palestinian terrorists. The attack left two Israeli police officers dead.


This type of attack, sadly, happens all too often to our allies in Israel, who are constantly under threat from Islamist terrorists seeking to destroy their nation.

However, you would not know this if you paid attention only to the headlines and the media coverage from certain news organizations, because they are clearly on the side of the Palestinians.

Case in point, take a look at the BBC’s tweet.

No mention at all of the fact that this was a clear terror attack against Israel, and the Jews in particular. It was a “gun attack.”

Not to be outdone, of course, was Al Jazeera, the bastion of truth and objectivity in the Middle East.

This severely downplays what actually happened, doesn’t it?

If you were thinking that American media had done any better at covering it, you’d be wrong.


At least they covered it, though. ABC was noticeably silent on the story.

There have been no updates on these CNN and NBC social media feeds since the story initially broke, and no attempt to inform their viewers/readers that it was a terror attack.

If you expected any different… well, you haven’t been paying attention to their coverage of Israeli issues in the past.


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