BREAKING: GOP Senators Gathered at White House for Health Care Bill Meeting Right Now

News outlets are reporting that Republican Senators are gathering at the White House to discuss the Senate’s version of an Obamacare repeal bill put forward last week.


The White House has been working overtime to get hesitant senators on board. Earlier, Mitch McConnell called off any vote on the bill before the July 4th recess.

I reported this weekend that Tom Price was still inviting discussion on the bill, but the White House in general seems to be in a hurry to get something done. Their urgency on the matter seems to line up with House and Senate leadership.

Meanwhile, conservative holdouts still have plenty of objections in both chambers of Congress, which has led to reports of tense meetings.

While we don’t know what the meetings at the White House will specifically be on, it is likely that Donald Trump and Mike Pence, among others, are going to be attempting to persuade the holdouts in the Senate. What is unclear is just what level of negotiations will be happening.


UPDATE: Per Chad Pergram of Fox News, it appears that Trump is indeed making the pitch that something has to be done.


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