This Bernie Sanders Tweet Is Way Funnier Now That The FBI Is Investigating Him And His Wife

Senator Bernie Sanders, who is enjoying relevancy he’s never before experienced, is also having to deal with the fact that his wife’s (and, subsequently, his) legal predicament is now being discussed by a lot more people.


For those unaware, both Jay and I have covered this story in the last few days, because it’s getting a lot of attention. Politico Magazine wrote a huge piece on the FBI’s investigation into the Sanders and his wife – the latter for lying in order to secure a loan and the former for using his office to apply a little extra pressure to a bank to grant Burlington College (which his wife was running) a massive loan.

There are, of course, plenty of times that Sanders has attacked banks that have been bailed out by the government in the past. Here is one “joke” posted on his account that, given his legal situation, is hilarious.

In retrospect, perhaps we let he whose wife isn’t under investigation for bank fraud cast the first stone, Senator?



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