WATCH: Myrtle Beach Shootout Caught on Facebook Live

A shootout at Myrtle Beach that injured multiple people, including a security officer, was captured on Facebook live Saturday night.

A shooting earlier in the evening had already caused traffic problems, which apparently led to the Facebook live broadcast by Bubba Hinson. “This is why the strip’s backed up everybody,” he explained. “Because they are out here acting like a bunch of idiots.”


You can watch the video here (it cannot be embedded because of Facebook’s rules on graphic/violent content).

The video shows law enforcement heading into the scene, seemingly because of the traffic congestion. A group of people can then be seen attacking one person. However, that person got up and pulled out a gun, firing into the crowd, which immediately dispersed.

According to the Daily Caller, Myrtle Beach police responded to the scene quickly.

Several people who appeared to have been part of the original crowd returned to help a victim stretched out on the sidewalk, but seemed to walk by the officer who was also lying on the ground within reach.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene fairly fast, likely because law enforcement officials were already dealing with the traffic congestion and reports of another shooting.

Seven people were transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, reports Myrtle Beach Online. The officer was not one of them.

“The security officer did receive a graze wound to the leg,” Lt. Joey Crosby of Myrtle Beach Police Department said. “The injury did not require him to be transported to the hospital and he received medical attention on scene.”

Authorities say that they have identified and arrested the suspect who opened fire.


It is not the first time Facebook Live has caught a violent act on film, and chances are it will not be the last. The social media site has said before that it intends to clamp down on any broadcast acts of violence.


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