Oh, By the Way, Trump Apparently Also Asked Comey to Lock Up Reporters

Let me say here that I don’t have entirely believe this New York Times story about Trump and Comey because no one has seen this memo and, let’s face it, it’s really one of those too-good-to-be-true stories we’ve been handed several times in the mere months Trump has been in office.

That said, this is a bit disturbing.

Now, I will say that Jim Acosta and Donald Trump have what you might call a “contentious relationship,” but the New York Times did, in fact, include it in their story. If the story of the memo holds up, then this is at least just as bad as Obama’s treatment of members of the media.

We just don’t have a(n alleged) memo of Obama asking the FBI Director to lock up Fox News reporters (..yet?).

This is not a request by someone who is a huge fan of the freedom of speech, and the request stands in stark contrast with the idea that he is a fighter the right to speak without having to be politically correct. If Trump wants to silence reporters by locking them up, then all this talk about political correctness means nothing because it’s all a First Amendment issue.

All of that said, I trust neither the Trump administration nor the media right now, so this supposed memo could be Trump asking Comey for dating advice.

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