A Plague of Locusts Probably Proves Liberals Were Right About Trump

A professor in Maryland is seeing signs that a brood of 17-year cicadas will be emerging four years earlier than expected.

University of Maryland professor of entomology Mike Raupp told media outlets that he is not quite sure what is going on.

He’s asking people to report cicada sightings on BugOfTheWeek.com to gauge their numbers.

According to the University of Maryland Extension, “adult periodical cicadas live between two and six weeks after they emerge from the ground.”

The adults lay eggs a week or so after emerging, and the eggs take another six weeks to hatch.

The babies, or “nymphs,” then burrow into the soil and feed on the sap of tree roots until they follow in their parents’ footsteps and come to the surface 17 years later.

However, we’re four years shy of the next supposed swarm, which is set for 2021.

While Raupp might not have much evidence to go on, I would like to propose a theory: Liberals were right. Electing Donald Trump to the presidency is a sign that the world as we know it is coming to an end.

Yes, the answer is probably not scientific enough for a scientist, but I am not so irresponsible that I will not at least explore the possibility that something far more worrisome than what military intelligence is shared with whom.

While locusts and cicadas are technically different creatures, there are enough similarities to lead me and probably other End Times scholars to the conclusion that the world as we know it is due to end.

Throughout history and in the Bible, locusts have been a symbol of destruction. They were one of the ten plagues of Egypt, they are referred to several times as a pest that destroys crops, and they have caused humanity no end of grief.

Likewise, Donald Trump causes many of us no end of grief, and therefore it is possible that the religious connotations of locusts and the predictions that Donald Trump will end us all could be manifesting together as some sort of plague to guide our world into utter ruin.

Should this be the case, then that means that liberals were right, God have mercy on our souls.

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