CRICKETS: They Can't Even FIND A Republican to Defend Trump Right Now

It’s Day Two of the Worst News Cycle Ever for President Donald Trump. After last night’s news that he shared sensitive, classified information with Russian diplomats, you would think he could catch a break. After all, most Trump outrage is cycle on, cycle off.

Not so today. Another story, this bit about him asking James Comey to end the investigation into Mike Flynn, has the Republican Party as a whole just shutting down until someone can get a handle on the situation.

Do… do you guys realize how bad that sounds? This is about as close as we’ve come in a while to President-Without-A-Party John Tyler, and that was before the Civil War (the last major period of American history where we were a bit divided on cultural and political issues).

It sounds like any reporter who manages to get close to a Republican politician is given this treatment:

Yikes. Just… yikes.

On the bright side, I simply cannot wait for Trump’s early morning tweets. Can you?

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