Sally Yates KNEW The Travel Ban Was Legal and Fought It Anyway

Ah, Sally Yates. Defender of liberty and freedom and victim of an oppressive Trump regime. The poor lass had it rough, didn’t she?

She was the acting attorney general after Barack Obama left office and fought tooth and nail over the Travel Ban executive order currently being fought over in court. Liberals hailed her as a hero, when in all reality, she was a hack. Her testimony before Congress today just proves it.


Sally Yates admitted today in an exchange with Senator Cornyn that the Office of Legal Counsel reviewed Trump’s immigration EO and found it to be completely legal. Yet she had the audacity to overrule the Office of Legal Counsel and deem it unconstitutional.

She did what a few of the federal courts did that overruled it. She looked outside the language and detail of the actual order itself to Trump’s campaign statements in 2016 to deem it unconstitutional, which is only something a liberal hack would do.

Yates is no hero of liberty. She was and still is a partisan hack who played the victim in order to boost her own profile.

What she did and what the courts did is a perversion of the law, and these actions are symbolic of the Left’s inability to play by the rules and instead make them up as they go along.



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