Why Genius Ossoff Can't Even Vote for HIMSELF In GA Today

Nationwide, Democrats are pushing the idea that a liberal Democrat is exactly what a historically Republican Congressional district wants, so they have poured tons of money into the campaign of Jon Ossoff in the hopes that he can break the 50% threshold in today’s special election.


There is one vote he won’t be getting today, however: His own.

Democrat Jon Ossoff dismissed concerns Tuesday over the fact that he doesn’t live in the Georgia congressional district in which he’s running for a House seat.

“I grew up in this district; I grew up in this community — it’s my home. My family is still there,” Ossoff said during an interview on CNN’s “New Day.”

Ossoff currently lives just outside Georgia’s 6th Congressional District with his girlfriend, while she is attending medical school. He said that he has been transparent about the fact that he doesn’t live in the district and pledged to move back to the district as soon as his girlfriend finishes school.

It’s fitting, given that a Democrat who is getting the bulk of his donations from people and special interests outside of his Congressional district would himself live outside of the very district he wishes to represent.

Even Donald Trump has been getting involved in the race. Robo calls featuring the president went out today, and he tweeted this out recently:


The Democrats are throwing money away on an election they probably won’t win. Ossoff is not polling high enough to break 50% of the vote to win outright, and the other Democrats in the race aren’t pulling enough votes from him to suggest that he could have anyway. Republicans will consolidate after today and the runoff could very well be a bloodbath.

But, by all means, Democrats, burn that cash.


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