Fresno Police: Shooter Not a Terrorist, Killed Solely Based on Race

Authorities in Fresno, California, are saying that Kori Ali Muhammad did not commit a terrorist act on Tuesday when he went out and shot and killed three people.


Despite shouting “allahu ackbad” as law enforcement moved in, Muhammad committed a “hate crime,” police say.

“This is solely based on race,” said Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer.

Muhammad has a lengthy criminal record, with the Associated Press reporting that he has been in court several times between 1997 and 2004 for “forgery, domestic violence, criminal threats and driving under the influence.” He was also publicly identified on Tuesday as the man responsible for killing a Motel 6 security guard.

Video of Muhammad surfaced online of him chanting in Arabic and saying “your time has come, you white skunks.” His motive for Tuesday’s shooting, police say, was that he wanted to be remembered as someone who killed a lot of white people.

If “terrorism” was not the motivator, then it is unclear why he referred to Allah during the attacks and in the online video.


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