Glenn Beck, TheBlaze Countersue Tomi Lahren Over Breach of Contract

Tomi Lahren, the blond firebrand who was recently taken off the air at TheBlaze, recently filed a lawsuit against both Glenn Beck and TheBlaze for wrongful termination.


However, the defendants in Lahren’s suit have now filed a countersuit alleging she breached her contract with the company, as well as refuting her claims of termination. With respect to the allegations that they wrongfully terminated her…

When TheBlaze informed Lahren that her show was suspended for one week, it also advised her that it would continue to honor her contract (as it has and continues) and would invoke its rights to “pay or play” (i.e., to pay Lahren but not broadcast her show). Lahren responded by suing TheBlaze, and in the process, has committed additional breaches of her employment agreement. TheBlaze is now forced to respond and requests the Court hold that the employment agreement remains in force and enter the requested relief to require Lahren to abide by its terms.

Essentially, the media company is saying that Lahren has not been terminated at all, and has simply exercised its right to not renew her contract in September.

The countersuit also address’s Lahren comments on The View, in which she referred to conservative pro-life women as hypocrites.


With respect to her appearance on The View , it is undeniable that the opinions Lahren expressed reflected a drastic departure from views she had previously expressed. Lahren went from calling those who are pro-choice “straight-up baby killers” (as late as December 2016)* to stating that she would be a hypocrite, as a conservative believer in small government, to not be pro-choice. Not surprisingly, the whiplash effect was profound.

The countersuit also includes several instances of Lahren’s breach of contract and the multiple situations where she did not conduct herself professionally or with any general regard for her coworkers at TheBlaze.

*It should be noted that RedState’s own Kim Ross was cited in the countersuit for this piece, which originally pointed out Lahren’s flip flop on matters of life.


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