WATCH: What Kind Of Man Is Mike Pence? Here's That Article The Left Flipped Out Over.

You know that profile of Mike Pence someone dredged up to try and make him out to be some chauvinist pig? The one where the online left lost their minds?

It turns out; there is a video of it being read on C-SPAN in 2002. That video was found by Tommy Christopher and posted to Twitter. The contents of the video are revealing in their lack of anything scandalous.


So, let’s establish what Pence’s logic is/was:

  1. He did not want to anyone to get a sense of impropriety about what he was doing.
  2. He set for himself a list of rules to follow that included not eating alone with another woman and not drinking at any event that served liquor if his wife was not wife him.
  3. He put his family first, even during campaign season, making sure he ate with his family at least twice a week and ran clean campaigns keeping the family out of the mix.
  4. He never had staffers work late unless there was a critical vote, and it would be him and one (1) male staffer.

My God. What a terrible man Mike Pence is.

Here’s the thing. Everyone reporting on the story never really seemed to have it. They found one thing from a story that someone remembered and ran with this as though it were some shameful thing.


When you hear the story being read, as it is in the video above, he is not some lunatic or chauvinist. He is a man trying to protect his family from the evils and the gossip-mongers of Washington D.C.

Say what you want about the fact that he willingly went to work for Trump. Pence is a good man, and this profile is just another reason why.


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