Rachel Maddow Doubles Down on Trump Tax Conspiracy

Rachel Maddow went on television Tuesday night after tweeting she had Trump’s tax returns. The returns showed absolutely nothing scandalous. She was thoroughly mocked by everyone, even Stephen Colbert.


She didn’t even get into the tax returns until thirty minutes into her show. She spent the first twenty or so minutes detailing every possible bad thing that could be in the

Last night, she doubled down on her show, saying the tax returns were so sterling in order to make Melania look better. She and Trump had gotten married in 2005. Via Mediaite:


She then noted that at that time, Mrs. Trump was not a U.S. citizen but a green card holder. Maddow went on to point out that Melania Trump needed to bring that year’s tax return to get her citizenship interview she had in 2006.

“And that tax return would be used as a very important piece of evidence as to whether or not she should get citizenship,” Maddow noted. “So you better believe the 2005 tax return is going to be sterling, right? That it’s going to display excellent citizenship and no red flags whatsoever.”

See, the problem here isn’t that Maddow is wrong. We just don’t know. The problem is that she took a breaking news story, speculated and theorized on it for way too long and awkward a monologue, and then was made a fool of by the actual contents. Why not just report on the contents of the tax returns?


Then, after being made a fool of, there’s no course correction. There’s a doubling down on the issue. “THIS IS A GOOD RETURN BECAUSE OF NEFARIOUS PURPOSES.” Wait, what? You know that for a fact?

Maddow is purposefully trying to stir up a controversy without proof of there being a scandal, which is everything that is wrong with today’s Anti-Trump media. As I and others have said numerous times here at RedState and elsewhere, there is plenty to not like about Donald Trump without trying to fabricate something.

Stop it.


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