BREAKING: Secret Service Agents In Trouble for Taking Selfies with Trump's Sleeping Grandson

Mother Jones is reporting that two Secret Service agents are in hot water after they were caught taking selfies with Trump’s grandson, who was asleep at the time.


The incident took place last weekend when the two agents, who were assigned to protect Trump III, were driving him from Westchester County, New York, where the Trump family has an estate, to Manhattan. Trump III was sleeping in the car when the agents began to take selfies with him while he was still asleep. Trump III woke up and, as the source framed it, “freaked out.” Upon return to Manhattan, he shared the experience with his mother, Vanessa Trump, who relayed her concerns to his father, Donald Trump, Jr. The issue was quickly escalated to top management of the Secret Service. The two agents were ordered to report to the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility in Washington, DC.

The Secret Service has confirmed that an investigation is underway.

The agents are not in trouble for taking the pictures, the agency said, but for “abandoning their posts while they were protecting the grandson of the President of the United States.”

The Secret Service has not quite shaken off previous scandals involving their lack of professionalism and their complete disregard for maintaining the safety of the White House.


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