PANIC: The Left Is Worried Republicans Will Re-Write the Constitution

In a truly delightful freak-out, Salon published an Alternet post speculating on the upcoming “Constitutional Apocalypse.” Their worry is that, with control of the branches of government at the federal level and in a wide array of states, Republicans will set out to amend the Constitution in some authoritarian way.


That’s right, y’all. A bunch of Leftists who have cheered the absolute disregard of the Constitution, who have called it an out-of-date document with beliefs and ideals long since dead, are truly worried about the future of the Constitution.

If Republicans achieve veto-proof control in 38 states, they can do something that has never been done before — hold a constitutional convention, and then ratify new amendments that are put forth. To date, all amendments have been initiated from Congress where two-thirds of both houses are required. In either case, 38 states would be needed to ratify the amendments. The Republicans are well on their way.

We know what they are likely to do: end collective bargaining, outlaw abortion, forbid progressive income, estate and Wall Street taxes; prohibit class action law suits, privatize social security, guarantee “free choice” in all school systems, and so on. They would do what they’ve always wanted to do: outlaw the New Deal and its social democratic programs. And if they get crazy enough, they could end separation of church and state and undo other portions of the Bill of Rights.

Mother of God, they are panicking, aren’t they?

Let’s try to sort this out. When it comes to outlawing abortion, the argument has always been “The Constitution doesn’t guarantee that right. You made it up.” Same with Obamacare. There is nothing in the Constitution that actually allows any of it.


Republicans have historically been in favor of the original meaning and intent of the Constitution, not the loose interpretations liberals and liberal judges have drawn from it.

The only changes most conservatives would like to see were codified in Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments. And, if you look at the proposed amendments, none of those actually related to what the Alternet/Salon article freaks out about.

It’s a simple case of projection. They have long wanted to change the Constitution to reflect their values. Now, they are worried as all hell that we want the same thing. But, true conservative values honor what the Constitution is, not what we have the potential to change it to.


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