Whistleblower Warns the VA Will Toss Out 500,000 Applications (Because of Errors the VA Made)

Whistleblower Warns the VA Will Toss Out 500,000 Applications (Because of Errors the VA Made)

Half a million applications for healthcare under the Veteran’s Administration system are set to be discarded at the end of March due to errors on the applications themselves.

The problem is that the the VA is labeling the applications as incorrect due to application error. A whistleblower says the errors are the VA’s fault.

Scott Davis is a well-known VA whistleblower out of Atlanta, Georgia, who has testified before Congress before. According to a letter he sent to President Donald Trump’s office, the real fault for the errors in applications are due to the VA sending out letters asking for incorrect information. Not only that, but they never investigated the matter prior to announcing the discarding of the applications. From the letter itself:

The email below from VHA Member Services Acting Director Matt Eitutis, that was sent to then VHA Undersecretary Dr. David Shulkin on December 28, 2017 clearly indicates the letters were sent to the wrong recipients. Meaning 440,000 Veterans in a pending means test status were told to provide military service records and 105,000 Veterans in a pending verification status were instructed to provide financial information to complete their applications for VA healthcare.

Although Mr. Eitutis stated he turned the matter over to the Office of the Inspector General to investigate, no such investigation has taken place. Only an internal review by employees who report to Mr. Eitutis was conducted. As a result VA is planning to go ahead with this illegal action of purging these records without providing Veterans notification or disclosing that these Veterans are entitled to Equitable Relief for health care cost they incurred due to administrative errors by the VA.

The VA’s ineptitude is going to cost half a million Americans who stood for their country a chance at healthcare. Because they screwed up and are now attempting to cover their backsides.

This is the swamp that needs draining, Mr. Trump.

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