Keith Ellison's New DNC Endorsement Was All The (Out)Rage for MSM Last Year

If Keith Ellison was looking for big name support in his bid for Chair of the Democratic National Committee, he finally got it… However, he probably doesn’t want it anymore.

Here’s Fox News putting up a state of the race on Twitter…

And here is the big endorsement.

Former KKK leader, politician and prominent Trump supporter David Duke has officially weighed in on the state of the DNC Chair race, clearly feeling the longing to return to the KKK’s Democratic roots.

What a time to be alive.

I assume Duke is referring to Ellison’s knowledge that the Jews run the world and are the greatest living threat to civilization as we know it. That appears to be enough for Duke to overlook the fact that Ellison has a slightly darker skin tone than he himself does.

Congratulations, Congressman. You’ve made it.

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