VIDEO: Trump Literally Reads Immigration Law During Speech to Explain Ban .. and it Works

Speaking before the National Sheriff’s Association, Donald Trump pushed back against the idea that his refugee ban was anything other than completely legal and justified. How? He simply read what the law actually says on the matter. Just watch.

He also said that even a “bad high school student would understand this,” based on the law. And he isn’t wrong. I mean, even Donald Trump gets it.

The entire video, him reading the code and him explaining it, is worth watching, because you learn more about the actual law in question than you would have watching last night’s coverage of the judicial hearings.

Once again, Trump ignores the lawyers and the legal speak. He goes right to the people – and, in this case, the people who enforce the laws – to explain what it is he is actually trying to do. It is a good move on his part.

Of course, the media and the Left (but I repeat myself!) won’t agree. Oh well.